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2222 CONA Information

About Us:
The 2222 Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, Inc. was incorporated as a Texas non-profit in December 2005, and has Federal non-profit status under IRS 501 (c) (3). It is organized and operated for exclusively charitable purposes. 2222 CONA is led by a Board of Directors, with each Director appointed by their corresponding member neighborhood association, acting according to adopted By Laws.

The purpose of 2222 CONA is to:

  • Provide monitoring and investigation of development and zoning changes that may affect various neighborhood associations related to proposed developments in Austin and Travis County, Texas along and near RM 2222;
  • Communicate with affected neighbors concerning developments that may adversely affect the natural environment, safety and general welfare of their neighborhoods;
  • Coordinate and represent the interests of its Members before the various governmental agencies responsible for zoning and permitting of development activities within its area of interest;
  • Conduct any other related charitable, educational or scientific purposes as deemed appropriate by its Board of Directors.

2222 CONA is a grass-roots organization. We need the involvement, expertise, and financial support of all residents who live, work and enjoy recreation in the RM 2222 and Bull Creek area. Every Austin citizen benefits from protecting Bull Creek and West Bull Creek as they contribute significantly to the Austin Drinking Water Supply. Volunteer today!

Our Mission:
The purpose of the 2222 Coalition of Neighborhoods Associations (2222 CONA) is to provide a forum for influencing development of the 2222 Hill Country Corridor in a manner that benefits the people who live, work, and enjoy recreation in the 2222 Corridor and surrounding areas. Our focus is to encourage development that minimizes traffic safety problems, minimizes negative impact on the environment, preserves the natural resources, and blends aesthetically with the natural beauty of the Hill Country.
Our Member Neighborhoods:
The current member neighborhoods of the coalition represent approximately 5,000 households and includes Canyon Creek, Courtyard, Glenlake, Jester Estates, Long Canyon Phase I, Long Canyon Phase II & III, River Place, Shepard Mountain and Westminster Glen Estates. We welcome other area neighborhoods to join 2222 CONA. For convenience, here are links to the Web sites of member 2222 CONA neighborhoods that maintain individual sites.