Parke 27

Description Parke 27 (Case # SPC-2017-0372C) is a proposed large retail shopping center and office building on a 27 acre plot of land located at 7500-7800 N RM 620. It is zoned “GR-CO”. It is located on the west side of RM 620 and is about ¼ mile north of the RR 2222/RM 620 intersection and extends to just south of the Vista Parke Dr/RM 620 intersection (near Home Depot). This property is “grandfathered” to July 1985 city code regulations. The requirement for a 100 ft vegetative buffer (LDC para. 25-2-1023) under the Hill Country Roadway Ordinance does not apply to this property due to a court final summary judgment filed in Travis County on May 10, 2016.
2222 CONA LEAD   Randy Lawson – Contact for questions
2222 CONA Position    Not yet officially determined
  • Original Site Plan filed in Sept 2017
  • Revised Site Plan filed in June 2018
  • The TIA on this project indicates 21,500 vehicular trips/day max (i.e. major traffic impact to RM620 and RR2222 areas near Four Points)
  • City staff current position is that the requirement for “40% natural area” under the Hill Country Roadway Ordinance LDC para 25-2-1025 is applicable to this property. The applicant and applicant’s attorney believe it is not applicable.
Upcoming Dates October 2018Expiration of 12 month site plan approval period (unless extension is granted or refiling occurs)
Contacts Nikki Hoelter, Case Manager, 512.974.2863,

Steve Lipofsky of The Ferber Company, Applicant, 561.210.9105

Amanda Morrow, Dir. of Land Use & Entitlements, Armbrust & Brown, PLLC, 512.435.2368

Reference Documents Link to City of Austin Case #SPC-2017-0372C: Click Here

Excerpt from LDC para 25-2-1023 thru 1025 (Roadway Vegetative Buffer): Download PDF

   July 2018 Parke 27 Overview: Download PDF

VHS Back Road

Description Leander Independent School District (LISD) proposes to construct a second access road to its existing Vandegrift High School and Four Points Middle School campuses (collectively, LISD Campus) located in the northwest portion of the City of Austin (Proposed Project). The Proposed Project would construct a 1-mile-long road in a 100-foot-wide right-of-way, with an 800-foot-long bridge that leaves intact a corridor of undisturbed riparian vegetation below the bridge that is approximately 280 feet wide. The Proposed Project, with its design features that avoid or minimize impacts to listed species, would cost at least $14 million to construct. The Proposed Project will provide a crucial second access route to the LISD Campus that is needed to: (1) help alleviate safety concerns related to traffic congestion in the vicinity; and (2) facilitate safe passage into and out of the LISD Campus.
2222 CONA LEAD Laurie Moore – (contact)
2222 CONA Position
  • September 10, 2013 – LISD Team presentation to BCCP Citizens Advisory Committee, with committee action to recommend to deny the application on appeal in order to prevent damage to the integrity of the BCCP preserve system.
  • September 18, 2013 – BCCP Coordinating Committee appeals hearing with no action to overturn decision to deny the application.
  • October 2013 – May 2016: LISD prepares Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and seeks USFWS technical assistance in pursuit of an individual Endangered Species Act Section 10a permit
  • June 2016 – LISD has initiated formal ESA Section 10a permit application process with USFWS
  • Safety of students and faculty in event of fire
  • Safety risk to students, faculty and community due to volume of traffic on 2222
  • Environmental impact of proposed road
  • Inconvenience to students, faculty and community due to congested single entrance/exit
  • Cost and inconvenience to 3M posed by cut through traffic
Upcoming Dates June 2017 – Supporters have initiated campaign to pressure Fish and Wildlife to work with LISD to find a way to build the road
Contacts Pamela Waggoner, LISD Board of Trustees –
Reference Documents Project Overview
Project Summary PDF


Description Residential PUD comprising about 145 acres which may be currently zoned for about 70 home sites. Includes lakefront land. Borders Sheppard Mountain, Lake Austin, Emma Long Park.

Purchased by Jonathan Coons with plans to develop estate homes, 100,000 square feet of office space, restaurant and boat dock.

2222 CONA LEAD Carol Lee –
2222 CONA Position
Status Developer is in the “engineering / budgeting stage and working with engineers, land planners and architects to confirm that our plan will work.”

Developer plans to have something to share with 2222 CONA in August 2017

Issues Environmental impact.

Traffic impact City Park, Sheppard Mountain, 2222, 360

Upcoming Dates July 2017 – Carol and Laurie to review current zoning, original entitlements, CodeNext zoning
Contacts Jonathan Coon:
Reference Documents