Champions Tract 4




Champions Tract 4 is a roughly 9 acre plot located on the southeast corner of 360 and 2222. The property is divided with 8 acres zoned GR and 1 zoned RR. The property is subject to the entitlements outlined in the 1996 Compromise Settlement Agreement between the City of Austin and the Champion Family. In 2005, Site Plan A for a 2 story retail development was granted but no development occurred. In July 2017 Site Plan B for a 5 story hotel with 220 units, 285 parking spaces and restaurant was submitted.

2222 CONA LEAD Tony Iglesias – Contact for questions
2222 CONA Position  Not yet determined – monitoring progress
  • Aug 2017 – City of Austin determines that Site Plan B (hotel) is too different from Site Plan A (retail) and in order to retain entitlements granted by the 1996 Settlement Agreement, Part A must be revised and stay active.
  • Oct 2017 – Applicant applies for extension of Part A.
  • The approval of a third extension of the site plan allows entitlements from 1996 to be carried forward well over 20 years. Over that time, development codes have evolved significantly to reflect lessons-learned regarding harmful impacts to water supply, erosion and public safety. Repeated extensions result in further deviations from present-day responsible development.
Upcoming Dates  11/26/2018Deadline for ZAP to make a ruling regarding the application for extension.
Contacts Anaiah Johnson, Case Manager, 512.974.2932,

Elsa Garza, Case Assistant, 512.974.2308,

Joel Wixon, Project Manager Kimley-Horn & Assoc, Inc, Applicant, 512.418.1771

Clark Meyer, Champion Assets Ltd & Champion-Meier Assets Ltd., Owner, 512.351.6362

Reference Documents City of Austin Case File “Part A” Site Plan Extension – SPC-05-0012A(XT3)
[Withdrawn] City of Austin Case File for “Part B” Site Plan – SPC-05-0012B
City of Austin Case File for “Part B” Site Plan – SPC-2018-0374B
  Apr 2017 Case Overview Presentation for CONA Board Download PDF of Presentation