Parke 27

Description Parke 27 (Case # SPC-2017-0372C) is a proposed large retail shopping center and office building on a 27 acre plot of land located at 7500-7800 N RM 620. It is zoned “GR-CO”. It is located on the west side of RM 620 and is about ¼ mile north of the RR 2222/RM 620 intersection and extends to just south of the Vista Parke Dr/RM 620 intersection (near Home Depot). This property is “grandfathered” to July 1985 city code regulations. The requirement for a 100 ft vegetative buffer (LDC para. 25-2-1023) under the Hill Country Roadway Ordinance does not apply to this property due to a court final summary judgment filed in Travis County on May 10, 2016.
2222 CONA LEAD   Randy Lawson – Contact for questions
2222 CONA Position    Not yet officially determined
  • Original Site Plan filed in Sept 2017
  • Revised Site Plan filed in June 2018
  • The TIA on this project indicates 21,500 vehicular trips/day max (i.e. major traffic impact to RM620 and RR2222 areas near Four Points)
  • City staff current position is that the requirement for “40% natural area” under the Hill Country Roadway Ordinance LDC para 25-2-1025 is applicable to this property. The applicant and applicant’s attorney believe it is not applicable.
Upcoming Dates October 2018Expiration of 12 month site plan approval period (unless extension is granted or refiling occurs)
Contacts Nikki Hoelter, Case Manager, 512.974.2863,

Steve Lipofsky of The Ferber Company, Applicant, 561.210.9105

Amanda Morrow, Dir. of Land Use & Entitlements, Armbrust & Brown, PLLC, 512.435.2368

Reference Documents Link to City of Austin Case #SPC-2017-0372C: Click Here

Excerpt from LDC para 25-2-1023 thru 1025 (Roadway Vegetative Buffer): Download PDF

   July 2018 Parke 27 Overview: Download PDF

Champions Tract 4




Champions Tract 4 is a roughly 9 acre plot located on the southeast corner of 360 and 2222. The property is divided with 8 acres zoned GR and 1 zoned RR. The property is subject to the entitlements outlined in the 1996 Compromise Settlement Agreement between the City of Austin and the Champion Family. In 2005, Site Plan A for a 2 story retail development was granted but no development occurred. In July 2017 Site Plan B for a 5 story hotel with 220 units, 285 parking spaces and restaurant was submitted.

2222 CONA LEAD Tony Iglesias – Contact for questions
2222 CONA Position  Not yet determined – monitoring progress
  • Aug 2017 – City of Austin determines that Site Plan B (hotel) is too different from Site Plan A (retail) and in order to retain entitlements granted by the 1996 Settlement Agreement, Part A must be revised and stay active.
  • Oct 2017 – Applicant applies for extension of Part A.
  • The approval of a third extension of the site plan allows entitlements from 1996 to be carried forward well over 20 years. Over that time, development codes have evolved significantly to reflect lessons-learned regarding harmful impacts to water supply, erosion and public safety. Repeated extensions result in further deviations from present-day responsible development.
Upcoming Dates  11/26/2018Deadline for ZAP to make a ruling regarding the application for extension.
Contacts Anaiah Johnson, Case Manager, 512.974.2932,

Elsa Garza, Case Assistant, 512.974.2308,

Joel Wixon, Project Manager Kimley-Horn & Assoc, Inc, Applicant, 512.418.1771

Clark Meyer, Champion Assets Ltd & Champion-Meier Assets Ltd., Owner, 512.351.6362

Reference Documents City of Austin Case File “Part A” Site Plan Extension – SPC-05-0012A(XT3)
[Withdrawn] City of Austin Case File for “Part B” Site Plan – SPC-05-0012B
City of Austin Case File for “Part B” Site Plan – SPC-2018-0374B
  Apr 2017 Case Overview Presentation for CONA Board Download PDF of Presentation