Wildfire Preparedness Links for Residents of Austin and Travis County

Item Description Link
Austin Fire Department Wildfire Division Main site for the AFD Wildfire Division. Click HERE
Austin Fire Department Wildfire Division Portal for a set of maps and map stories that include a story map on shaded fuel breaks with interactive map, a set of interactive maps depicting factors affecting wildfire risk, an interactive map showing overall levels of wildfire risk in the county, data on Wildfire Division State of Readiness. Click HERE
Austin Fire Department Wildfire Division – HUB What is My Wildfire Risk? Resilient LandscapesFirewise CommunitiesFirewise AllianceWildland Urban Interface CodeCommunity Wildfire Protection Plan. Click HERE
Ready-Set-Go Action Plan Tips and tools to prepare your home, your property, and your household for a wildland fire threat; to have situational awareness when a fire starts; and to act early as directed by local officials. PDF
Warn Central Texas A free web-based tool to alert the public to emergency and non-emergency situations. Click HERE
Texas A&M Forest Services Wildfire Preparedness Guides for Homeowners. Click HERE